Shubham Singhal

A guy who just keeps on proving himself "Practice makes the man perfect"

Let the Jounrey unfolds

I cried, well laughed too first time on 07 May 1992

It was the day when I was born on this beautiful earth. Probably I didn't know, but that was the most happiest moment of my life. Many people smiled with me. From then on, it's being the journey full of laughter (sometimes, without reason, my sister made fun of me often), got dirty in the mud, jumped roof tops to catch the kite and did all those strange things you could think of. And yes, I fought a lot with my beloved sister.

In between all these, I was also kinda nerd with the dream to do something big in my life. Those dream are still fresh... Currently, I am Software Developer in, Amsterdam. I am very proud of what I do, I train computers perform tasks which humans find boring. This is changing the world, the way we work and we collaborate. Isn't it cool!

Bachelors of Technology, IIIT Alld.

I graduated in Computer Science from one of the top tier university of India, Indian Institute of Information Technology in 2014.

Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd, Noida

It was my first job after graduating from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad in 2014. I worked here till March 2017

Microsoft India Pvt. Ltd.

In 2017, I wanted to take a turn in life to explore different city and learn even more. I switched to Microsoft India Development Center, Bangalore. It was great learning experience working in top tier companies of the world., Amsterdam

Well, life was not about it. Exploring international culture, meeting with people of different countires and learning the E-Commerce business was yet another aspiration. I searched this nice opportunity and moved here in 2018

The family is 1, we are 5. 1 > 5, well it's true here!

In my family, we are 5 members. My father is a self-made man and is my life gear. He is currently running whole sale business of rice. My mother is a simple house woman, spiritual lady and my biggest God. My elder sister is my backbone who always helps and guides me in all fields of my life. She is currently settled in the USA. My brother in law is a gentleman who is always a friend and mentor to me.


Herengracht, Amsterdam